Genealogy of the Babcock, Cass, Kopiske, Kutschenreuter,
Lemke, Mattison and Tornow families of central Wisconsin

Here are the combined web pages for the Babcock, Cass, Kopiske, Kutschenreuter, Lemke, Mattison, and Tornow families of central Wisconsin. More families are represented on this site but these are the families with the most family history known to the author at this time. Click here to go directly to the index for the combined family tree.

Although this site is still under construction, all the significant data known about each family, including photos, maps, obituaries, birth, marriage, and burial records, etc. will be presented. A combined family tree is used but links are provided from the perspective of each family listed.

Every attempt has been made to keep the data factual and attributable. Naturally the stories are subject to human error but they often represent the most interesting part of the family history. As any family history site, this is a work in progress. Corrections and new data are welcome. Please send them to Bob Babcock.

Besides my own research, major contributions have been made by these family members:

  • Edna Hathorne - "A Short History of the Lemke Family 1840-1993"
  • Joyce Huntington - "From Whence We Came" (The Tornows as of 2002)
  • Sharon Vircks - The Kopiske contribution to Joyce's book, above
  • Beth Kutschenreuter - The Kutschenreuter/Tornow tree of July 18, 1993
  • Laura Babcock - one of the first to gather and assemble the facts on the Babcock family
  • Bruce Babcock - many of the photos and stories in and around New London
  • Anna Babcock - many of the stories and facts
  • Susan Sepic - significant Babcock discoveries in the early census records
  • Anne Sepic - initiated the underlying database, many Babcock discoveries
  • Irene Kutschenreuter - various stories and facts, esp. the Kutschenreuter side
  • Sherry (Matteson) Martin - the family of Josiah Mattison and Fanny Bemis

Other acknowledgements:

  • The National Archives, Washington DC (veteran military and pension records)
  • MyFamily.com (census records)
  • Jack Niemuth of New London, WI (headstone photos and official records)
  • Maria (Davis) Johnson - the allied Davis family of Waupaca County
  • Craig Rice - the discovery of the will of Josiah Mattison's father, David Matteson